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PJ1 Track Bite Traction Compound 2 Gallons
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SKU: SP-162-2


Custom formulated resin that provides controlled traction for competition racing. APPLICATION AND PERFORMANCE: Apply a small amount of PJ1 TrackBite Traction Compound in front of drive wheels. Spin rear wheels with minimum engine power. Avoid hard burnouts whenever possible. Where liquid burnouts are prohibited, apply directly to tires with a brush, roller or sprayer.

Addition Information

  •  Maximizes high performance traction.      
  • Adds traction by means of adhesion.      
  • Does not soften tires.      
  • Water resistant, not washed away by rain.      
  • Used for 35 years by every NHRA and IHRA national racing event.    
  • Ideal for use in all types of racing on hard surfaces. Increases traction regardless of weather conditions, weight of vehicle or horsepower.
  • Unit Type: Jug
  • Unit Size: 1 Gallon x 2


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