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Smittybilt Trail Axe with Sheath
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The Smittybilt Trail Axe is made from 402 stainless and has a unswept heat treated 4” x 7.5” Axe Blade for improved chopping efficiency. The handle is made from ergonomic nylon reinforced material so you can comfortably use the axe. The axe has a built in survival kit and includes the following: Medical tape, Sewing needle, Fishing line, Match sticks and a compass that is built into the end of the handle.

Addition Information

  • Smittybilt Trail Axe with Sheath

  • 402 Stainless Heat treated blade
  • 4" x 7.5" Axe Head
  • Upswept for improved chopping efficiency
  • Nylon reinforced ergonomic handle
  • 3 tools in one
  • D-ring slot to tighten and loosen D-ring pin
  • 19mm hex to aid in loosening bolts/nuts
  • Survival Kit and compass in handle
  • Includes protective sheath


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